Astral Bodies Sponsor: Maison Close

Posted on December 10, 2012 by swizemann

Maison Close might just be our most provocative label here at Lille—whether it says something about the gift giver or the recipient, it is undoubtedly our most frequently requested brand during the holidays.  Lovely lace bralettes, sheer mesh garterskirts, stockings and eyemasks are among the offerings from this risqué French design house.  Their catalog elicits oohs and ahs, and perhaps the occasional gasp from our more conservative clients, but they keep things tasteful with high-end fibers, quality construction and elegant photo shoots.  Courtney once famously commented, “Maison Close is the first brand to make me blush in all my years of working at Lille.”   Regardless of your personal lingerie preference, you would be a lucky lady if you won the Maison Close Raffle prize at the upcoming Lille holiday party, because it would allow you to choose any bra and panty set from their entire collection, including the sexy Villa Cancan, Villa Satine or Villa des Lys, but also the more conservative Exquise Allure, pictured above, which would make an excellent everyday nude bra in the underwire version. Big thanks to our reps at Maison Close for also donating several masquerade masks to the VIP Swag bags! It’s going to be an amazing event…


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